annual graduation season before the arrival of college graduates have to go through the first few months, the paper long march of the hone. Speaking of this, almost every student has to go from the big library, jump to a plurality of Internet knowledge platform to find information, but the difficulty often is not a lack of information, but in the mass of information and resources.

June 13th, Baidu academic search officially launched ( Tn=SE_baiduxueshu_c1gjeupa), collected at home and abroad more than 70 academic sites, such as Chinese academic site HowNet, Wan Fang, VIP, ACM, IEEE, foreign academic sites such as Springer, a total collection of academic resources in total more than 200 million foreign languages, foreign Chinese super 150 million, super 100 million, let the academic "a key to search". It is reported that this is the first domestic Internet platform with a level of internet.

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at present, most of the domestic journals, papers and overseas literature are concentrated in several Chinese electronic journals database, there is not a unified platform to achieve resource sharing. Users need to jump in a number of academic sites, in the vast amounts of information to find the literature, to the past half of the work.

through cooperation and professional site included English massive academic papers, covering almost all Baidu academic search to find academic data, and through the vast amounts of information for data analysis and artificial intelligence technology, structured screening, re scheduling extraction, to meet the needs of users to search for academic resources. In the past, students and teachers need to browse a number of academic websites can access to the academic literature, and now can be achieved through a Baidu search box search key.


Baidu academic search home page

interesting is Baidu academic search page for users to select randomly and often more famous quotes, to study, to remind you to keep the attitude of learning ", which is also the Baidu academic search concept.

custom search

Another major feature of

Baidu academic search is to retrieve the charges and free academic papers are structured by the time extraction, screening, title, abstract, keywords, author, publication, literature types, cited refinement indicators to improve the retrieval precision.

, for example, if the user wants to view associated with the "knowledge map" of the academic literature, will be in the Baidu academic search input "knowledge map" in the box, the page will show the correlations between the objective, each document below will also be equipped with the author, published journals and periodicals, summaries, citations and literature sources. Click on the title of the document, you can jump into the source site for further reading and operation.


Baidu academic search may be associated with

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