"double 12" war to the streets and lanes

20 yuan can do what in Beijing? Dongzhimen Volkswagen a cup of yogurt price is 22 yuan. But the giants are using it to build a new business.

weekend morning, commuters often loose for sleeping, but "double 12" that day, he was arrested early in the morning my mother shopping, because the "buy back so long queues." The Carrefour Cashier already 10 o’clock paiqichanglong. In Carrefour downstairs cake shop, full 40 by 20, the afternoon had not let the shelves empty.

last year after the "double 12" below the line promotion this year, Alipay, WeChat through the "double 12" of the big promotion, fought a war to pay. Alipay opened the 30 national 10000 businesses, WeChat has nearly 10 thousands of merchants to participate in the "double 12 big promotion, covering supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, shopping district, Shopping Mall, a snack shop and other industries, to attack the line. The original line is old rival Alibaba and Tencent, now the war broke out in the streets and lanes.

more shelves empty

compared to last year, due to the expansion of the number and the number of people involved in the business, this year "double shelf 12" more morning was robbed empty. December 12th at 12 o’clock, the reporter walked into the North Fourth Ring a Carrefour supermarket, dairy products have a half empty shelves, many people holding mobile phone directly into the oil and salt sanitary products and other containers, the cashier team from three meters away.

online shopping can not, but to buy a good neighbor hand cream, Dongdan food market to buy food, buy all the necessities of life, if the payment is in sight, not to use mobile phone payment to Beijing Dongcheng District resident Wang Lei said, "although I’m not going to block 20 Qian Youhui panic buying mobile phone payment, but it has penetrated into the daily consumption." Wang Lei’s aunt did not think so, the supermarket can save 50 yuan, to buy bread for grandchildren can save $20, how can not grab.

According to the data provided by the Alipay

yesterday, "double 12" on the same day, the country has a total of 28 million people involved in the consumer, Alipay and word-of-mouth for online merchants brought a total of 19 million 510 thousand new members. As of press time reporter, WeChat has not provided statistical data.

Behind the

tuck giant battle

in the family convenience store, WeChat and Alipay to pay payments leaflets each side. This year, mobile phone payment war in this kind of supermarket chain store where, in full swing.

this year, Alipay has more than 30 thousands of offline businesses to participate in the "double 12 big promotion, the supermarket convenience stores reached 3 million. Including Carrefour, Auchan, Century Lianhua, Yonghui, family, a good neighbor, Watsons, Wanning and other 60 supermarkets and convenience store brand. While Alipay release strategy, WeChat quickly sound, said WeChat will also be paid by "double 12 big promotion, there are 100 thousand businesses to join.

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