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O2O (online to offline, online to offline) mode is becoming the Internet giant to penetrate the magic of life under the line. The day before the Tencent announced its QQ online shopping to enter the Hongkong market in the form of O2O, local consumers online orders, and then in the convenience store delivery in Hong kong. At the same time, Tencent is currently hot WeChat business, but also try to O2O way to develop the next line of business members.

since September 6th, QQ online shopping and Hongkong local 7-11, OK convenience store to enter the Hongkong market, with the help of the convenience store network throughout the country to provide distribution services to local users. Tencent hopes that this convenient shopping model can be used for the mainland market. Tencent QQ online shopping deputy general manager Hou Yanping introduction, Hongkong Internet users in the QQ online shopping orders after shopping, can be selected by the logistics service providers to deliver goods to Hongkong, and can choose the nearest convenience store in 7-11, OK convenience store delivery. This is also a new attempt to QQ online shopping in the O2O mode.

according to reports, all over Hongkong, more than 1200 7-11 convenience stores and OK convenience store network, high-density convenience store network to save the courier delivery costs repeatedly. And these convenience stores are 24 hours of business, consumers can freely choose the nearest convenience store delivery. O2O model is seen as a new breakthrough in the future of e-commerce, this model is not only to integrate online and offline resources, but also with the mobile Internet, social networking and other emerging Internet technology docking. Hou Yanping said that the Hongkong market has been in a very convenient shopping line as the core, online shopping is not very well developed, has not formed the local electricity supplier platform is very strong, the separating of the Hongkong Tencent of the electricity supplier, has placed on the initiative; moreover, users in Hongkong, love fashion consumption, the user’s activity and relatively strong purchasing power is a potential market; hope online consumer force can activate the Hongkong Internet users through the convenient mode of O2O. According to the TheNielsen Company survey shows that last year, Hongkong’s overall online shopping market size of HK $14 billion 800 million.

at the same time, Tencent is currently the hottest mobile applications WeChat has begun to test the water O2O mode. Said the general manager of the Tencent of Dai Zhikang electric life service providers before the Tencent is currently developing WeChat membership card, the realization of the O2O mode in SNS service.

Dai Zhikang introduction, users only need to scan the phone’s unique two-dimensional code merchants, you can get a stored in WeChat’s electronic membership card, you can enjoy the discount and service provided by the merchant. Businesses can also promote the promotion of information related to membership users through WeChat. Due to the precipitation of the user relationship network is mainly based on acquaintances, Dai Zhikang believes that the spread of membership cards in the acquaintance group will achieve a good effect, will not allow people to receive a sense of disgust junk advertising. According to reports, the current WeChat membership card has been with the Beijing Chaoyang joy, APM mall >

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