] November 28th news billion state power network, SF preferred President Cui Xiaoqi revealed to billion state power network, and is part of the SF preferred domestic businesses try to open platform mode, and open platform formally launched and about large-scale investment in the second quarter of next year.


preferred SF President Cui Xiaoqi

Cui Xiaoqi said that the future will go to SF preferred self plus open platform mode. SF preferred open platform will be a self similar platform, using proprietary standards to introduce suppliers, do more monitoring on the operation side, and requested the goods must be from the SF to the carrier. Therefore, eventually be able to enter the open platform SF preferred businesses will not be many.

According to Cui Xiaoqi

, SF preferred sales this year compared to the same period last year increased by more than 200%; the price of 260 yuan; the mobile terminal sales accounted for more than 30%; the platform of foreign brands and domestic brands accounted for approximately 4:6.

on the SF preferred next year development center, Cui Xiaoqi, in addition to SF preferred open platform, the day before the import business platform "on-line optimization international" is also a major center of gravity. In addition, SF preferably also will raise as much as possible from overseas direct mining accounted for SKU.

in addition, SF preferred next year will also have some new projects on line. For example, the introduction of gift center, an independent channel. Gift Center will bring together all the festivals of the year or custom festival, to the customer targeted gift packaging. "Say you want to send gifts to choose after the center who, we will go to holiday according to the combination of customized gift and packaging, including greeting card design, let you in gifts conveniently according to need to choose suit."

In addition to

Gift Center, SF preferred another important project line is to provide customized procurement for user C2B.

"if you go abroad, in the local eating what is particularly good, but do not buy at home, and are willing to spend some cost to buy this product, SF preferred can help you to purchase and transportation, also sent a single. Of course, if you pull 10 customers or the purchase of 100 customers, the price will be lower. We hope that in this way more interaction with customers, but also a value-added service." Cui Xiaoqi said.

in SF preferred "landing", which is trying to linkage with the "Hey" stores, the store in addition to publicity, will also provide on-site orders and normal parcel from mentioning the service. Next year, SF preferably also plans to achieve cooperation with more community convenience store.

Cui Xiaoqi believes that the electricity supplier of fresh storage and logistics strategy is the key to the community convenience store will be a very good direction, such as cold chain transport products can be stored in the freezer in the community, logistics and packaging will have a big savings.

"although it started in May this year with hey guest"

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