China’s Internet has gone through ten years of gold development stage, the current pattern of competition in various fields gradually into the mature period. Currently only engaged in one or several professional website platform, will win the golden opportunity for development. In particular, more and more vertical portals, eyes and profitability in the field of e-commerce.

relatively comprehensive portal content comprehensive, covering all kinds of vertical portals is to focus on a particular field (or region) such as IT, entertainment, sports, and strive to become concerned about a field (or region) the first station Internet content. Vertical portals are the authority of their respective industries, experts, through the website information to do more professional, more authoritative, more attractive to attract customers. Research shows that with the increase of network users and the different requirements of various services, the Internet is filled with all kinds of information, which provides ample space for the specialization and differentiation of the network platform and network information service.

however, the current profit model of vertical portal is single, which restricts the further development of the website. Vertical portal membership services, advertising revenue is still the core of the entire site’s profitability. Behind the current hot online shopping market, vertical portals have begun to try and B2C mall cooperation, combined with the "group purchase, CPS distribution, discount coupons, price of commodities, shopping rebates and other ways to find new profit point.

combined with e-commerce, vertical web site can be authoritative, professional content to attract, stimulate and drive consumer spending. Because vertical portals understand where their target customers are, what they need. Access to the vertical portal users are basically the industry’s consumers, which will provide customers with one-stop service model to guide customers to their own content consumer goods. The purchasing power of each visitor in the vertical portal is much higher than the average level of the integrated web site visitors, so the vertical web site is often able to get a lot more advertising than a much smaller site.

B2C mall goods must have a strong correlation with the content of the industry Web site, such a click rate and purchase rate will be high. For example, do a more successful industry portal – Chinese tea Bo network is a professional tea culture and tea industry information portal, visitors to the site itself is the potential to buy tea tea consumer customers. When these people browse through the website information content, SNS community or forum at the same time, but also learn to taste the tea city mall B2C) the relevant product information. When visitors are browsing Yixing tea this information channel, the page of commodity information box can display the teapot and other products, through the analysis of data of the customer commodity information click rate than simple picture advertising is much higher.

vertical portal combined with B2C mode, effectively prevent the loss of potential shopping visitors, enhance the site user stickiness and additional value of the site. The high quality of the vertical portal business flow, less investment in resources, the influence of the authority of the industry itself has formed a positive spiral effect. If the B2C mall can import the vertical portal

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