in today’s Internet development trend, we found the campus e-commerce market has great potential for development, the campus e-commerce, e-commerce is carried out in the campus, according to the characteristics of this problem, we put forward the corresponding countermeasures. Through the implementation of these measures, campus e-commerce will usher in new market opportunities and development space. In fact, the campus e-commerce model is similar to the general e-commerce, through the exchange of goods, services or information network. However, compared with the general e-commerce, campus e-commerce has its unique features in addition to the spatial and temporal, digital, open, transparent and other general characteristics.

first, excellent network environment

university is a knowledge intensive area, has a high popularity of computers, most schools in order to facilitate students, will establish their own campus lan. The campus network service can open 24 hours a day, the network fee is also very cheap, most university departments in LAN service in the University, students and various departments work closely together to realize the transfer and sharing of information resources, improve the efficiency of information dissemination.

second, a stable consumer group

campus students will always be the most stable consumer groups in the campus e-commerce, in addition to other groups of teachers and other regions can not be copied. Generally, there are many common interests and consumption tendencies, such as single consumer goods. Tens of thousands of students every year into the campus, campus e-commerce into fresh blood. College students, the pursuit of high quality, easy to accept new things, generally 18-25 years old, the stage of curiosity, it is a good stage of development of campus e-commerce.

third, secure payment system

today, the university has established a very complete security of campus card system, campus e-commerce has been carried out around without taking too much network security and electronic payment risk, campus network firewall system typically use the Internet and extranet connection, to ensure network security. Campus e-commerce payment system can usually use the campus card small payments in order to avoid or reduce the occurrence of bank credit card or debit card theft events.

fourth, convenient logistics distribution.

campus is a very concentrated area, therefore, to carry out campus e-commerce, logistics services are limited to a campus, logistics and distribution can be timely, accurate and convenient. Most universities are strongly supportive of the poverty alleviation work, students participating in work study program, can hire students to participate in the logistics and distribution, but also promoted the development of campus e-commerce.

fifth, a good credit mechanism.

lack of credit, lack of credit system has been a major obstacle to the development of e-commerce in china. E-commerce credit depends on personal credit, business credit and social credit, etc.. If there is not a good regulatory mechanism, there will be a credit crisis, hinder the development of trade

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