Abstract: watch porn, comfort women, miss, married, O2O process of traditional enterprises, is a step by step to abandon the media and intermediary, to establish their own marketing system and platform of direct users, however, the traditional enterprise IT system but not a lack of net operating ideas and landing methods, which is soft. But it is fatal in the transformation process of factors.

original title: from the film to see a married woman enterprise O2O four realm

Author: Cui Qiang WeChat public number: cuiqiang1978

Marx in "Das Kapital" said: "commodity to money is a thrilling jump. If it falls, it is not only the goods, but the owners of the goods."

goods to the exchange of money, the company sold the value of the commodity used to get the currency, and consumers pay the money and the use of value, which is the so-called thrilling leap. Here are two core businesses and consumers, however, the media has become the exchange process of the third forces, but in traditional enterprises pay more and more attention to O2O, the combination of online and offline, the role of the media is being further cut.

this article will discuss the problem of the construction of the traditional media enterprise O2O, enterprise media operations is the most important part in the process of traditional enterprise net. This article will review the relationship between the traditional enterprises in the exchange of goods and money and the media, from the perspective of the film, comfort women, looking for a young lady and looking for a wife to four different scenarios to analyze. The media discussed in this article is a general concept, not the media we understand.

see a film, in the era of big media, companies are completely passive, the product is through the channel to enter the market, and ultimately to the hands of consumers. People only know that enterprise products targeted (i.e. for who, what did you do with, but the enterprise) it is very difficult to get the final consumer information and data information, they are also channels, channels for the enterprise is more like their users.

at this time the media is to grasp the content of the manufacturing power, only to see the traditional enterprises, there is no sense of participation. Like watching porn, enterprises can never own user contact, only obscenity, through the media to analyze the needs of users, and then his voice to the end consumers through the media, allowing end users to choose their own products. The media is more like making porn, through a variety of positions to enterprises, to earn advertising revenue profit, media hand pump, a holding needle, enterprises give money to blow, do not give money to bleed.

dynamic batch like comfort women, and later with the line of the big market, where the Beijing zoo clothing wholesale market as an example. At this time, the market has become the intermediary between the enterprise and the consumer, the market through the rental booth, the enterprise’s goods through the booth to reach the final consumer. If you have to move batch experienced people will have such a memory, a sea of people, everyone lined up to enter the wholesale market, shopping.

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