brought back a big bag from abroad and sold it. Previously, such behavior in the ordinary people, and there is nothing wrong place.

but now, do purchasing pro who should pay attention to the human flesh back bag, it is likely to be characterized as smuggling".

this does not, Ningbo, Haishu has a purchasing business to do the bag shop owner, because of the crime of smuggling ordinary goods, was recently sentenced to 18 months in Ningbo intermediate court, suspended for 2 years, and fined $550 thousand.

he sold 290 luxury items for two years

is full of human buyers "tax avoidance" back to

Yang more than and 30 years old, Cangnan people. In 2009, he opened a shop called "Milan square" in Ningbo District of Haishu.

very economic minded he found, PRADA, LV these luxury bags, far better than some domestic brands do. So began in August 2011, Yang involved in doing purchasing".

Yang or pretty good faith management. In order to purchase genuine, he has found a nearly 10 business people often go abroad, students when the buyers, to pay them a purchasing fee, let them in the new foreign help to buy luxury goods.

buyers, some goods will be sent home, some are "human" back. Usually at home and abroad in order to earn the difference, buyers will choose no declaration channel at the time of entry, that is to say do not pay taxes.

in less than two years, Yang let buyers back to the hundreds of goods from abroad. Because there is no tax, the price of luxury goods store Yang than other stores to be a lot cheaper.

is also because of the good quality goods, affordable and gradually accumulated a lot of customer resources. According to Yang himself said his shop average monthly turnover of more than 10 single, less than two years has sold a total of 290 goods.

5 PRADA bag

let his purchase secret channel exposure

May 21, 2013, one of the "buyer" Yang Huang from South Korea travel back, back to the 5 PRADA bag, then choice is still no declaration channel.

5 bags worth tens of thousands, has far exceeded the legal requirements of the amount of 5000 yuan should be declared. Hwang was immediately stopped by customs, panic she told the matter yang.

Yang Huang once realized, to tell the truth, he will face punishment, so he gave Hwang sent a short message, let her have to insist that bag is occupied.

results, this message, but became a proof of the relationship between the two men.

then, Ningbo Airport Customs anti smuggling Bureau raided Yang luggage store, in addition to the 3 MIUMIU key store bag, also found a computer on the table – > registration of goods

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