Internet business can be divided into three categories: people, information, and goods. People have been Tencent circle, the information was Baidu circle, and the rest of the goods to this land.

some people would like to say that this is not a piece of goods Taobao?

Answer: the Taobao

is a paper tiger. Physical sales in Taobao is said to be 100 billion a year, accounting for less than the entire traditional retail industry, which means there is still a lot of land without a circle, the rules and the pattern of variables in the 1%. To make a comparison, online advertising will account for nearly 10% of the traditional advertising market, to this ratio, the pattern is basically set. So you’ll see even with Taobao, or a Jingdong, the annual revenues of billions of new B2C companies continue to emerge.

do not have to argue whether Taobao is really a paper tiger, especially from the Internet Co to the electronic commerce company’s perspective: how do I put 1% of the shares quickly expanded to 10%


I’m going to divide this great and difficult question into the following 3 questions:

in the evening of December 22, 2009 2 sets of CCTV broadcast a program devoted to the issue of China’s population. So far, the population is 13 Chinese billion to 600, according to the latest CNNIC report, the number of Internet users has reached 384 million China, rather than the number of Internet users there are nearly more than 900 million



the first question: ask e-commerce company’s first question, how to turn more than 900 million of non users into Internet users?

last year when Li Kaifu left the innovation factory Google optimistic: "e-commerce + cloud + Mobile Internet" these three industries, we take SaaS industry, SaaS industry should belong to the field of cloud computing, as in the fourth session of the China SaaS (SaaS Conference) on the network of Jin Dieyou general manager Feng Jie say, now a lot of IT company wants to use SaaS mode to become a Internet Co, but the past is IM in the first ten years of the Internet, search occupied. But the next ten years, we have no chance?

I think the key to the transformation of the SaaS model is how to make the huge traditional desktop software users through appropriate means into online users!

according to the theory of market division of Steve Blank, the market of an industry can be divided into the following three markets.


so we can see the SaaS market based on the theory of the market, such as the following categories, SaaS market = offline user market + online user market + non software users.

second question: ask the e-commerce company’s second questions, such as the transformation of the line under the consumer part of the line for the 80%

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