news March 15th, found on the billion state power network, home appliances brand GREE has quietly in the micro business platform has praised the on-line micro mall, industry analysis, GREE hopes to move or through the channel to accelerate diversification to solve the inventory pressure and burden.


pearl mall

It is reported that GREE

, Zambia mall store name as "Pearl mall", the store is currently only launched seven products, respectively, electric cooker, air purifier and GREE mobile phone, the price is consistent with the official GREE store. However, sales of Pearl mall merchandise is not optimistic, most of the products sold only single digits.

billion state power network has learned, except pearl mall, GREE has also set up employee micro mall, but the consumer brand was limited to internal staff.

billion state power network learned in recent years by Dong Mingzhu a "5 year rose 100 billion yuan growth target pressure, and air conditioning market demand overall downward trend, GREE began to gradually break the previous and Dalian lock, large electricity providers and other distribution channels of cooperation deadlock, intends to establish a system of diversified distribution channels. To defuse the pressure on the stock.

The United States has

, GREE and Tmall, Ali Jingdong reached a cooperation, which is GREE’s first large-scale comprehensive net sales. Insiders said that the Pearl mall on the line or GREE hopes to accelerate the diversification of channels to solve inventory pressure and burden.

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