1, it is best to do other people have not done (this is unlikely, can only say that others do less.) But there is a potential market.

2, web access faster, faster page display. It is best not to do (in fact, pop ads pop ads monthly income for personal webmaster is almost meaningless. (don’t say NetEase and pop, I was just the beginning of the establishment of the Union website in order to attract customers and take a matter of expediency.)) In addition, because the window advertising offensive without any economic value.

3, be fine, and there are not too small, otherwise can not attract repeat. It is best to do update 1~2 times a week, if you can do it every day update, of course, is no better.

4, there must be a webmaster can let visitors and direct exchange platform, conditional can establish a forum on the website, or apply for a forum on other sites. No conditions, it is best to have a guestbook. In addition to consider the establishment of a web site QQ group.

5, about the advertisement problem, I think to visit a small amount of personal websites on the same page advertisement should not be placed too much. A large number of pages of advertising more than 2, it is easy to cause the user antipathy. Especially some crudely made no beauty advertising, even more so. This is extremely detrimental to the development of the site. The best text News advertising based, less pictures and flash advertising. At the same time the best advertising pages and web page background can be integrated, let visitors not feel awkward.

6, repetitive content, although under the current situation, the content is completely original, there is no possibility to repeat with other sites had almost disappeared. But in any case, it is necessary to have their own content, which is very important, even if their content is very small, and only the content of others to modify the processing, it can be your own content. This is very important, I hope you pay attention to.

7 off-site link, because personal website mostly adopt a virtual host (i.e. space rental) way, generally do not have very large FTP space, sufficient bandwidth and very high access speed. So it is bound to cause a lot of music, flash, pictures and so on are different links. At this time it is necessary to pay special attention to many sites have their own security chain measures (not allowed to link different places, often replace the link address, etc.). If because of their own negligence caused by the failure of their own site links, and they do not know, it will cause a lot of loss of customers. So we must be cautious in making remote links, not for the sake of convenience to.


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