news April 20th, the day before, the general office of the State Council issued a notice issued implementing quality development program 2016 action plan (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 18). Billion state power network was informed that the "implementation of the quality development program 2016 action plan" in "cultivating quality and brand new competitive advantages" policy, clearly pointed out that "to strengthen cross-border trading network mail, express channels of supervision, crack down on the use of e-commerce platform, cross-border e-commerce in the mail, express channel implementation the smuggling activities and through the" ants "import and export of counterfeit goods infringing the illegal behavior."



in this regard, insiders to billion state power network said that in April 8th the cross-border electricity supplier (new tax + positive list) formally implemented, is actually the countries to enhance cross-border bonded mode of supervision, from tax and commodity inspection and quarantine and other aspects of the industry more planning and legalized, many people predicted that one of the impact of the changes brought about is a lot of previously take cross-border bonded model products may be returned to the post. But the direction of national policy is clear, while strengthening the supervision of cross-border bonded mode, it is bound to introduce relevant policies to strengthen prevention and combat the ‘gray sea Amoy’."


insiders pointed out that the core points of policy is to take formal cross-border practitioners "three kind", rather than using for personal non-commercial behavior of mail, express channel "commercial behavior gray". "So, express mail, strike cross-border smuggling is a matter of time."

"but at the same time, should pay attention to is, because of the positive list system blocked the cosmetics and health care products go cross-border bonded mode of the road, it will push these products go post, and now to strengthen the post supervision and blow off, may make these categories of consumption will return to overseas." The insiders told billion state power network, the corresponding policies of the two modes is a great blow to cosmetics, health care products, but the future situation depends on how to implement the relevant institutions, "the results can be expected is that these categories do cross-border electricity costs, operation difficulty increase, forcing enterprises to improve efficiency, to find new way, do not rule out the policy of strict control of the cosmetics can not do."

it is reported that the "implementation of the quality development program 2016 action plan" from enhancing the quality and brand promotion power, optimize the quality and enhance the brand quality and brand environment, foster new competitive advantages, solid quality and brand promotion, brand promotion and implementation of the quality engineering of the five aspects of the development of the action plan, in which many times mention of cross-border electricity supplier related issues.

billion state power network and its refinement as follows:

1, to carry out quality improvement actions to improve consumer goods supply special action, group >

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