today, a friend sent a link to scare me. A lot of information have cerebral palsy of happy net to wholly intact on his website, do not know what the cerebral palsy with collector, if artificial words, that’s the cerebral palsy.

The social networking site

or SNS website has become an important part of the entrance of Internet users, as more things in life gradually mapped to a web site, "privacy" is very important. Although privacy has always been very important.

but I said today that the privacy of the leak, not like the search engine as the machine search, but artificial violence". A bit like "human flesh search", but the source of human flesh search, there are many to a certain extent are public. And social networking sites, especially in the current popular SNS website, the object of public information, according to the truth is limited to their friends. General social networking sites will take the initiative to shield search engines, and ordinary users to enter the site to find information, but also encounter friends this barrier.

so, once privacy is compromised, then the first suspect is a friend. Certainly not a friend I will copy the information to the outside of the station, but the information may be copied CP by a friend of mine and I, with my other friends, and then copy the information out. From the cerebral palsy website, it should be like this. Once two degrees three degrees, has been down.

user privacy, and even can be said that in such a relatively closed environment, any act of any information is extremely private – it is only circulated among friends. Although some of the information is simply copied to the outside of the station may not have any meaning, and even does not affect a user. But when the number is getting bigger and bigger, it’s a terrible thing.

private information protection, of course, not only rely on the station to solve. As mentioned above, in addition to friends and friends were added, the user should do as much as possible to identify some, but most of the time the user can not tell the difference, the other side is like a disguise. At this time we need to stand to provide some mechanism to control, such as registration, add friends, limited interactive links, the station square should do some strict control in the verification of the user and provide the user the opportunity to add each other as friends, after all, the "relationship" of high quality is the most important.

of course, whether it is the station or the user, you can still distinguish and filter from many other aspects. In any case, isolated "bad user" is a must, but I think the station side should only be "bad user" in the statistical analysis in most cases, the more rights (such as termination of friend relationship, blacklist) delegated to the user. Whether to remove those bad users to see the decision of the family. It is said that the afternoon to do a very good network, I am sure that some of the experience.

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