Chinese according to voice of "news" reported that in the virtual world of the Internet, they set thousands of pet in one, has a lot of fans of fans; they have a delicate face, wearing beautiful clothes diversiform around the world; from time to time they star, two rich generation sex scandal, minute on entertainment headlines; more important is that they have the amazing ability to make money, an Taobao store sales top.  

this part of the group is considered to be the 2015 world of the Internet, the most fire, the most profitable group of people, they are defined as". After all, net red is how red up and they live in the hearts of those who


two o’clock yesterday afternoon, Wu Qiong, a girl from Xiamen, went to a fast food restaurant to pack a hamburger meal, with a couple of new plush toys on the front. She said, "I want the most beautiful one."

Wu Qiong said that his sleep till noon at eleven twelve o’clock to get up, go up a company, and then go home to work until ten pm or so, sometimes to take home computer to draw, to night, have no time to cook, very busy every day.

half an hour later, Wu Qiong took the French fries did not eat in the company, she and her staff repeatedly edited a video ready to upload to micro-blog. Wu Qiong micro-blog original video or comic update once a week, the content has been carefully designed.

Wu Qiong, before a person is, now a team, now every time a video, will discuss and discuss all the details well started shooting, the latter is someone else to do, she did in the control side.

Wu Qiong, micro-blog is defined as the original beauty, beauty makeup bloggers cartoonist. She (Wu Qiongqiong loves painting) has more than 2 million 280 thousand fans.

from the first in micro-blog comics story became popular, some fans now teach make-up skills video, no professional comics and learned makeup Wu Qiong and her twin sister Wu Jing (@ blue demon Tu Zijing), but this aspect of the network become red.

Wu Qiong introduction, drawing comics to a certain period of bottlenecks, and later turned into a combination of make-up and comic, fans began to grow rapidly. She also likes to make up, fans are a group of girls. She said, "why don’t you share my tips with them?." She found that the effect is not bad, every hair a tutorial, have gone up fifty thousand or sixty thousand fans, there is a one night even rose by 140 thousand.

Wu Qiong’s micro-blog account is divided into large and small size, comics and make-up tutorials, which in January 1st published a drawing of micro-blog teach Chunzhuang, there have been more than 18 thousand times forwarding. The trumpet is sent some photos and Tucao, fans are more than 70% women, mostly 90. Micro-blog red, then she set up shop in Taobao, the fans went to the store to buy cosmetics, in mid August last year, Wu Qiong opened his own media company, employees only 20 people, but the electricity supplier, operation, illustration, video, etc..

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