is the same as the special Chinese Internet copy and follow the trend, the United States in what, what we learn, and it is a gust of wind to learn, we learn American Xing Web 2, Web 2, the United States Hing SNS we moved, SNS, now the United States Hing Group purchase electronic type class, we all kind of copy group purchase of Electronic Commerce we rarely see, more rational thinking, combined with the Chinese habits to attract and learn and imitate, whether it is on the scale of the web site, or from scratch small sites with no doors, also can be seen in our Chinese mentality and national character, relatively speaking, or more exaggerated, not at ease, always want to take a shortcut between the brush like night to find venture capital, will be listed immediately.

since the Groupon model was copied to China, from one to 400th we only took a short period of two or three months, the speed is amazing. Moreover, with many IDC manufacturers to join this group after the war, the mode of development of Groupon and SNS, five minutes can fix a group purchase website with email interface, payment interface, SMS interface, immediately began operations, so, from four hundred to one thousand we spent less than a a month’s time, once again proved what is Chinese speed, but with the problem also came, because the group purchase websites to attract users of eyeball or its attractive price, and general merchandise with the popularization of electronic commerce development, there is not enough profit to attract customers, so the group purchase website more centralized in the area of services, like all the usual food, beauty, SPA, spa, as is the service industry, transparent price index is not high, so there is space Therefore, the profit space of none, all concentrated in this industry.

already said, because most of the focus of the field of group purchase websites concentrated in the service industry, because this requires group purchase websites may not like e-commerce as a national or global, but must fall, the implementation of the localization of the operation, because of this, there is a city with dozens of group purchase websites who do similar service group purchase group purchase group purchase today, tomorrow food, movie tickets, acquired a group purchase attractions tickets and so on the same nature of activities. In addition, the entire industry, is relatively disorderly competition, at present, we are now in a publicity stage, basically all the group buying site is difficult to profit, but to continue for a long time.

with the time longer, turn off the web site will be more problems with the site will be more formal, because the site types of Web sites in particularly low threshold, thus, the strength is uneven, prosperity is behind the waves dig sand, produces a chain of elimination, so that enterprises or website can survive the website, suitable for online shopping websites like


because most of the goods in the field of service, because the service itself is a controversial industry, we look at each year

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