on the Internet for many years and the rise of the continuing popular e-commerce site has become a problem of enterprise marketing, if internal funds to spend the end, are willing to throw money, so it should be easier to promote. But most of the electricity supplier website and not so much the availability of funds, this time should do? How to promote the electricity supplier website


based on years of experience in the field of electricity providers to give several low-cost and effective way, I hope to help you!


1, website to SEO work well, selling Samsung mobile phone on the I9103 website for example, then the details of this product page title, keywords, description to do, can be the best of each product title, keywords, description of a careful collation when typing SKU. The product name on the page to use H1 tags, the details of the product page on the combination of graphics and text, and the appropriate increase in the keyword density of the product. In short, the details of the goods to be careful, personality, product details is the basic electricity supplier website. In addition, the site to establish a good brand Daquan page, which plays a key role in the search engine included.

2, said the following about rebate network cooperation, as long as the product is good, the price is low, the flow rate and the conversion is very high, 51 rebate what may be a bit outdated, and they are false, I recommend NetEase mailbox cooperation, having shopping cooperation, flow rate, conversion rate is high, the Tencent’s rebate is also good. In this kind of rebate or choose 3 and 5 good, do, the effect is obvious, of course, the premise is your price is not too high, the electricity supplier in the construction site, and even can be sold at a loss to establish brand awareness, yell, and trust! Amoy and profit return rate is also very good however, their side technology and management is too messy, sometimes a problem can be dragged for a long time, people may also be too big for the new business, attention is not high, the Internet also has other statements, a cat in order to seize the market, so many immature and unstable things out in advance.

3, product line extension, if the electricity supplier sites in the kitchen this line has a good channel, you can in a period of time, the main push site strong product line, the product line and find vertical websites, forums hanging advertising, actually did not have much money, so the conversion rate is not low. For example, push the kitchen appliances in recipes websites, may not be very good, but the actual effect is far more than expected, the cost of one month may be only a few thousand dollars. The above is just one example for this kind of website to find? Is very simple, use the search engine search keywords your product line, you will found a lot of websites, as these sites where home delivery, multi evaluation.

4, if the technical conditions allow, the establishment of their own site alliance, the use of a large number of owners to bring a win-win situation. The site is best to do only CPS and CPA class advertising, whether it is for the webmaster or

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