at the end of 2015, Youku announced a strategic investment in the domestic leading computer visual search technology service company of "Yi +", this also indicates that the substantial progress of video electricity supplier watch and buy scale applications. Recently, under the support of clothing + technology, along with the line in dozens of hit show, Youku potatoes become the first in the industry took the lead through the video platform to achieve large-scale watch and buy Artificial Intelligence Identification technology. In addition, with the advantages of Youku potatoes in the field of content and other areas of the network, the cooperation will quickly improve the ecological model of potatoes Youku electricity supplier, the formation of a complete business closed loop.


figure: while looking to buy smart identification of the same paragraph and the surrounding product

artificial intelligence identification technology for the first time to test the water to see the video side of the electricity supplier to buy the entire upgrade

it is understood that Youku potatoes as a pioneer video of the electricity supplier, the first Alibaba in 2014 after the launch of the strategic investment, business video watch and buy related products, in the video playback at the same time, the player will recommend right, shows the characters of the same item. Since then, the video has been one of the industry’s key research projects in the industry, while the introduction of Youku potatoes clothing + artificial intelligence identification technology, is regarded as a major driving force for the development of video providers.

+ has the world’s leading search technology of computer vision, able to see and buy the search engine, image / video analysis engine and intelligent face recognition engine based on three deep learning artificial intelligence technology, and the integration of massive electricity supplier data, allowing users while watching video to achieve scale watch and buy".

called the edge of the look to buy, refers to the evolution of new technologies based on the innovative shopping scene. Google artificial intelligence AlphaGo essentially the same, the difference is that this time the depth of learning and the power of the outbreak of large data to benefit each ordinary user. Different from the previous user only in brand sponsorship specific video programming or artificial delivery in shopping, now users can at any video scene video platform allows real-time search, "the same paragraph. In addition, the mass of the updated video content, automated intelligent identification and replacement of artificial systems, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the video platform, the real popularity of the scale. In the past, the public understanding of the edge to buy most of the drama is limited to the star appeared in the same section. And later to see the edge of the larger, more categories, more convenient application. Clothing + look to buy, according to the specific characters in the video, a specific scene, automatically identify the visual elements in the video. For example, while watching the video, clothes + search engine will automatically recognize the video characters in clothes, bags, accessories, digital products, and even set the curtains of the sofa table, and the information label in the form of video in real time, the user can click on the label, a key purchase; bring the most intuitive, user the most pleasant interactive shopping experience as a learning! Behind the "brains", the user will feel.

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