2014 is the first year of the black five officially entered the Chinese, the Chinese market performance have no official statistics, but from a number of cross-border electronic business platform of statistical data, the data of at least five black 2014 is the last year of 5 to 6 times. In 2015, China cross-border electricity soared, the market becomes more mature.


in the United States, the red deficit deficit, said black earnings, consumer buying fever to bring a lot of profit to the business, so the day is also called black Friday". Now the domestic cross-border electricity supplier also seize this opportunity, and have increased five black culture promotion, consumer awareness.

black five is not a double, not a price war 11. Although the same as the so-called double 11 shopping carnival, but is the existence of double 11 Festival, Ma explained that "in the double 11 this day, single people can not fall in love, but we can buy things, so Ali abruptly made a shopping carnival, it originated from the line first, a shopping festival is belong to the electricity supplier, then gradually become a hot topic of the retail industry.

black five is the opposite, more than 50 years ago launched by the line retailers, itself is part of the Christmas shopping season, people lined up to buy discounted goods, is a pure offline shopping festival. Black five appeared, there is no e-commerce, until now, although the proportion of online growth year by year, but the main black five still online, online accounting will be more than 1/5.

is the target population, online shopping to young people, therefore, the black five need to diversify, diversify, after 85 and 90 young users are willing to pay for love, find love shopping (do not know what to buy, stroll around the brush with the brush bought), advertising, no sense of trust word of mouth, love all the cartoon humor entertainment elements, these are shopping features of the young generation, only found out that the rational use of these features, it is to capture the young female users.


is also the target for young users of mobile electricity supplier ah Hai buy the overall shape of fresh, stylish, attracting a large number of young users. After all, Taobao’s brilliant and not too much overseas purchasing goods accounted for, and ah, the United States on the sea to buy makeup, snacks, creative home, etc.. Ah, the sea purchase official website www.91ala.com for the majority of young users pick a lot of goods, you can choose to have your love of good stuff here.


traditional dual eleven price war seems to be a consumer binge, but often accompanied by negative consumer experience, such as fakes, slow delivery, order system crashes and so on. This kind of hidden dangers, may bring consumers a poor shopping experience. For businesses, but also to make themselves into a price war fatigue state, but also

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