learned 25, Xinhua Group’s acquisition of Hong Kong and Macao information formally Chihiro network, ConnGame, science and technology, promote the acquisition of Shenglong team, completed by the combination of cash and shares. In this way, known as the emperor Tang Jun also officially announced the return of the IT industry.

Hong Kong and Macao information is a professional engaged in securities investment consulting and financial development and IT solutions for high-tech enterprises, with China Commission awarded the qualification of securities investment, the more long-term development goal is to become a comprehensive financial services, media and information company.

"the year before joining Xinhua Group, has been engaged in traditional industries and capital investment, I have engaged in the IT industry for more than and 10 years, the blood flow is IT blood, there is a special feeling for IT, always thinking about one day to return to IT, can play more roles in the IT sector, has been since that is IT Tang Jun said that" the future continue to engage in traditional industries and investment at the same time, through the Hong Kong and Macao information platform, a full range of inputs to the IT industry, the Hong Kong and Macao information into excellent enterprise financial IT and the Internet industry, to build 2 listed companies in the next 3 years and through the capital operation mode".

Tang Jun early in the United States venture capital companies, working in the Microsoft Corp for ten years, followed by a grand network of more than 4 years, in the field of software and Internet practitioners for 15 years. April 2008 joined the group as president of Xinhua and CEO into traditional industries and investment areas.

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