State Administration for Industry and commerce administrative department of market regulation, China business association, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) recently jointly issued "comparative study" China commodity trading network monitoring report, said it would establish a national commodity trading network monitoring information platform, reduce consumer online shopping risk.

"Sino German comparative study of online commodity trading regulation" is composed of 3 experts in China and Germany, composed of 4 experts, the report lasted for 6 months to complete. The report pointed out that the behavior of new regulatory measures are in urgent need of group purchase group purchase mode, product quality, reputation, service, website customer service payment security problem is still, consumers are most concerned about the complaints, a linear upward trend.

said the State Administration for Industry and commerce, will use about 3 years time, the construction of the "national commodity trading network monitoring information platform", this is a national network of internal system, and gradually establish a website all sellers of real information and credit record. Through this platform, buyers and sellers of different provinces and cities dispute, through the platform to achieve national linkage processing, reduce the risk of consumer online shopping.