when Heilongjiang Wuchang rice is swaying in the paddy field, when Xinjiang Hami melon is still basking, when Ningbo fishermen in the sea picked up the first fish net, these have become consumers booking delicious food on the table, now the season is a good harvest season of agricultural and sideline products, from the fields to the table of people the tip of the tongue, the electricity supplier of agricultural products and fresh products layout has been greatly shortened between agricultural products and consumer distance, the major electricity supplier recently, Taobao and Jingdong, including LETV is the electricity supplier of agricultural products in the country layout, more and more types of agricultural products in force, is to build a "tongue on the electricity supplier".

electricity supplier by tracing new makeup

agricultural products is China’s consumers in the pursuit of more important aspects, ensure consumer food basket and table security has become an important measure of China’s economic development, the agricultural super docking mode has not been able to meet consumer demand for convenient service, therefore, agricultural products began with the integration of all aspects of the electricity supplier, according to statistics show that the 58 media advertising alliance, the first quarter of 2014 Chinese e-commerce market overall transaction volume of 2 trillion and 570 billion yuan, an increase of 15%, while the agricultural products online shopping has become a new field of business development, more and more consumers of agricultural products began using the Internet reservation and purchase agricultural products, with the development of the electricity supplier began actively "new. Makeup", show the development of the new attitude.

new formats to promote the new industrial chain

agricultural products with the electricity supplier quickly fame, the fame is behind the new industrial chain and the Internet form development, because of the particularity of agricultural products, requires a lot of cold storage and refrigeration technology support, and for fresh agricultural products, agricultural products logistics is very important, after cold storage the establishment of SF EXPRESS logistics chain, such as music, some electricity providers have begun to actively carry out logistics distribution system construction of frozen chain effectively, agricultural products in a certain extent above for accelerating the upgrading of traditional logistics system of agricultural product logistics system led to the development of a new industrial chain, the traditional business platform and logistics distribution and development is a kind of effective innovation, through the development of new formats of agricultural products logistics and the new development of the electricity supplier industry chain.


effort to build on the tongue of the electricity supplier

after the tip of the tongue on the Chinese hit, delicacy and agricultural products become a hot consumer pursued by more and more consumers began to share the delicacy and the ingredients, through the effective way and the electricity supplier is also actively expanding its business in agricultural products, agricultural products business, only to actively carry out effective resource procurement, from the source guarantee for purchasing agricultural products and standardized planting, to ensure that consumers for the freshness of agricultural products, health and the degree of preference maximization, the ultimate guarantee of consumers in the purchase of agricultural products business platform is convenient and fast, and business platform actively continue to carry out effective promotion of agricultural products, agricultural products have become online shopping assist product development weight >