customers need to download APP before payment, WAL-MART can take this to master more user data.

WAL-MART supermarket in Arkansas, the United States is trying to recommend their customers on the line soon mobile payment system, Walmart Pay.

last December, WAL-MART revealed that they are independent research and development of mobile payment systems, and now, Walmart Pay in 110 stores in Arkansas and Texas, the trial run of the 480 stores.


Rogers Walmart, Arkansas

over the past few years, WAL-MART’s Day is not good, since 2011, the average growth rate of less than 4% of their revenue, profit growth is only about 1%. 2015, they are given the worst results in 35 years – annual revenue fell by 0.7%, the global closed stores reached 269. In August 2nd last year, WAL-MART’s market value for the first time beyond the Amazon, lost the U.S. market value of the largest retailers, the throne, has become an important news in this era of the retail industry.

face the competition of Internet retail giant, WAL-MART had to change.

according to "the economist" reported that WAL-MART last year spent $2 billion 700 million to pay higher wages, to enhance the quality of service; they also improved the display of products, I hope to introduce more passenger – initial in the first quarter of this year the effectiveness of these measures. The latest quarterly results, WAL-MART sales rose to $115 billion 900 million, an increase of 1% over last year. U.S. same store sales growth of 1%, the number of stores increased by 1.5%. WAL-MART’s sales in China rose 5.1%.

previously, WAL-MART has announced the investment of $2 billion for the construction of electricity supplier. Including self-developed mobile payment products Walmart Pay. Walmart Pay has iOS and Android versions, unlike apple and Android’s NFC payment technology, Walmart Pay is using two-dimensional code technology. When the consumer checkout, the user needs to open the WAL-MART APP, and then use a mobile phone camera scan shows a two-dimensional code at the cashier terminal, and then wait for the cashier to scan the goods payment.

many people think that this series of operations is too cumbersome, but WAL-MART insist on independent research and development of payment systems, obviously do not want to disclose the customer’s payment data to others. Customers need to download the APP before payment, WAL-MART can take advantage of more user data.


Walmart Pay interface

WAL-MART CEO Dong Minglun