Foxconn launched the micro business project "shell mountain": millions of employees to sell


[TechWeb] reported on June 8th, Foxconn’s main 3C products supplier micro project shell Hill quietly on the line, there are HUAWEI, Samsung and other mobile phone products on sale. Shell mountain by Shenzhen Foxconn independent team operations, is still in the testing phase.

shell Hill mainly engaged in mobile phones, digital 3C products, has been on the line Samsung, HUAWEI, SONY, HTC, ASUS, hammer and other mobile phone brands, the follow-up will be based on market demand to expand the category.

shell hill in the platform will help "venture partner" set up shop, goods shelves, commissions, provide training, is also responsible for order processing, delivery and customer service service partner, only the promotion of goods can be extracted out of commission.

informed sources told the media that shell mountain is trying to use the full shop system to expand the distribution network, so that more internal staff to participate in the sales process. Public information, Foxconn’s total number of employees has more than 1 million 200 thousand people, of which more than 1 million employees in mainland china. (rain)