[San exclusive comment] according to Amazon China official revealed that Amazon will launch the product overseas direct mail China market service, the fastest start in the fourth quarter of this year, domestic users can buy through Amazon Chinese from foreign goods.

a time, American goods can direct mail Chinese "," no longer look for purchasing, sea Amoy Gospel and similar general rejoicing Ben style rhetoric spread, Chinese on Amazon direct mail has been in a "gray area" of the domestic sea Amoy, purchasing industry impact, the local electricity supplier should be how to parry okay? After purchasing their day?

find the difference of imported electricity supplier purchasing way is


according to Nelson’s data, last year, China’s sea Amoy family size has reached 18 million people, overseas shopping expenses up to $213 billion 600 million. By 2018, China’s sea Amoy family size will reach 35 million 600 thousand people, sea Amoy scale will reach $1 trillion.

in the face of such a huge market, the limelight has long been Taobao Jingdong and other local electricity supplier upstaged the Amazon finally sit still. Amazon China official said, Amazon will launch the product overseas direct mail Chinese market service, the fastest start in the fourth quarter of this year, domestic users can buy through Amazon China from foreign goods.

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released the contents of the Amazon, Amazon Chinese launched overseas direct mail business, overseas commodities reach China consumers through direct mail, transit trade, two modes. Selection of overseas direct mail mode, consumers in the Amazon website to choose to buy foreign goods, goods will be through international logistics company directly to consumers.

in addition to the purchase price, consumers need to bear the corresponding goods import tariffs and logistics costs. When choosing a transit mode, the Amazon will be sent overseas goods stored in the logistics center in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and after consumers buy goods delivered by the domestic logistics company in the hands of consumers. In this mode, the goods can enjoy the Shanghai Free Trade Zone tax policy, just pay the district tax.

according to the customs staff, the purchase of foreign goods through direct mail, 17% of the value-added tax, 10% to 30% of the import tariffs, and some individual commodity consumption tax, tax rate of 40% on average; and through the FTA model to buy foreign goods, you only need to collect 10% personal items parcel tax, goods a price advantage.

Full of joy

and sea Amoy family compared to many overseas purchasing businesses feel that the "crisis", have been planning a retreat. Purchasing merchants busy some of the price cuts, and some are going to the Amazon as the sea Amoy family of the zoo wholesale market.

sea Amoy, purchasing although popular, but in the domestic existing policy, this model is still in the gray zone". There are many risks in the sea Amoy mode, for example, in terms of legal risk, the general consumer awareness of the relevant provisions of China’s customs regulation is not enough, you may buy the country to prohibit the importation of