on the Internet competition has become increasingly fierce, all kinds of large and small sites innumerable, only you can not think, but few do not exist. The field of electronic commerce has been all about the competition is in the white hot degree, relatively speaking, the electronic commerce website has a more clear and clear profit point, easy positioning, and online shopping has become a fashion, and will become more and more popular, so many companies are optimistic about this. The big cake, many traditional offline sales enterprises have expanded in the Internet, menacing, this field war, will also be intensified.

traditional entity sales companies to enter the Internet price war is inevitable

a few years ago, the domestic e-commerce is still in the early stages of development, improve online shopping, we may think of the first time Taobao, Jingdong and other e-commerce sites started earlier. Also there has been such a popular language to start, Taobao, the time to open a shop in Taobao is a very easy thing to do retail, practitioners are not many, the competition is relatively small, also let many people realize the dream of entrepreneurship. Today, the number of Taobao shop has more than 600, the number is still growing, we can see the tragic competition. In addition, other large electricity providers such as Jingdong, suning.com, Dangdang, excellence does not satisfy the sales of single product positioning, to comprehensive portal full expansion, these sites have a good user reputation, quality is relatively secure, it is easy to get to the source of the. Take suning.com as an example, two years ago, suning.com also known in the industry, but strong in the derivation of Suning, suning.com business blowout. The day before, suning.com is announced the whole network started a price war, cause a chain reaction, Dangdang Gome City, Kuba and many other B2C home appliances online mall was forced to follow up, full price war, a time of smoke.

narrow struggle, the way out of the small electricity supplier where

as a business in the station, has been a dream of one’s own business class site, but in the form of severe but often let me be, e-commerce is the consumption to customers to pay real money on your website, this trust is a very difficult process, if there is no strong brand and the reputation of backing, this process will be very long. I think the following is worth considering:

1, standing on the shoulders of giants dancing

this is a low cost but easy success, compared to build their own e-commerce website, rely on limited funds and manpower to promote, maintain, propaganda, Mo as another way to help the shoulders of giants, such as shop in Taobao, the cost to build the site much smaller than their own, build trust the cost is much smaller. A lot of people go to Taobao shopping, is to believe that Taobao’s brand, therefore, we can take this opportunity to start from Taobao to build brand and reputation.

2, the small caliber, do.