continues the previous article, today to talk about how to find a new market segment, this is very interesting, many friends said that I want to do Taobao, then I ask what you want to sell, about 80% replies are selling women’s cosmetics or, they may not go to Taobao search, women’s products have about 22700000 SKU light this is, how competitive, why not to sell Taobao only tens of thousands of SKU category


1, looking for sub categories;

In fact, we think

other products sold is also normal, because our daily life can come into contact with the product is very limited, at what time to sell, if you do not contact our daily life things, is not I think, if you don’t love fishing, so you don’t think I can sell fishing tackle, if you don’t do yoga, you don’t think you can sell yoga mat, right, in fact these are much smaller than women’s competition;

I also want to start the

I want to find a sub categories to do, break the head think, think of themselves are used or seen things, but these are very big category, until one day, I thought of a good way, I downloaded Taobao train 200 thousand key table. Then I saw a myriad of I have no contact with the product, and Taobao are selling well, but the competition is much smaller, and even some businesses are the primary level of category I, as long as a product reached inside can make money, we take a look at the picture below:


here you think there should be a lot of products, take a look at a small category "I recently found the children swimming pool", this category is very interesting, full of a total of 19 thousand and 400 pieces of Taobao SKU, you think this is how small is a competitive market:



2, judge market competitiveness;

found a market, how do we determine the market have to do, the market situation is how, now what kind of state the best breakthrough, we still get the "children’s pool" for example;

1) look at the trend, we open the, enter keywords;

From the trend of

index, the products are seasonal products, the annual income of 5 quarter, at the end of August to the end of 4 months of sales, life cycle, so if you want to enter the market to make money, then early in April to create a critical section, then get 4 months of profit, then began in September is the off-season, when the rest of



2) look at the brand, we have to look at this industry, there is no mention of "children’s pool" will be associated with a brand, for example, "