reporter November 21st from the Zhengzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Commission and other departments informed that Zhengzhou was awarded the first batch of e-commerce model city, 5 R & D center to promote the national level".

this year, for the implementation of the national plan for "12th Five-Year" on the positive development of strategic task of electronic commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and other eight ministries launched a national e-commerce model city to create work, to promote the sound and rapid development of electronic commerce. Zhengzhou city attaches great importance to the deployment by the municipal development and Reform Commission, city committee, Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other departments jointly carry out work to create e-commerce demonstration city, completed the work of creating solutions, and successfully passed the evaluation organized by the eight ministries, was eventually identified as one of the first 21 national e-commerce model city.

according to the plan, the city will take the development of Commerce, equipment manufacturing, food industry e-commerce applications and services, logistics and distribution industry as the focus, focus on supervision and management measures, the electronic commerce management, credit evaluation of enterprise e-commerce statistics system and policy aspects of pilot demonstration, formation mechanism, fully play the model city of Zhengzhou urban area construction demonstration effect.

as a strategic emerging industry, the rapid development of e-commerce, the city’s economic development has injected new impetus. "Since 11th Five-Year", Zhengzhou City e-commerce has good momentum of rapid development, enterprise e-commerce penetration rate improved rapidly, the rapid development of the retail network, the third party e-commerce transactions and services, digital authentication, online payment, logistics, credit, standard of e-commerce support system tends to improve, the emergence of the Zheng exchange and the world factory, Yutong electronic commerce application and a number of enterprises with better development. According to the proposed target, to 2015, the city’s e-commerce transaction volume will reach 200 billion yuan more than the scale enterprise e-commerce application penetration rate reached more than 80%, online retail sales accounted for more than 10% of total retail sales.

at the same time, our city haoxiangnizao industry Limited by Share Ltd, Henan Qing’an hi tech chemical Limited by Share Ltd two technology center was awarded the national enterprise technology center, Zhengzhou Yutong Limited by Share Ltd, Zhengzhou Antu Green Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou diamond Precision Manufacturing Co Ltd 3 engineering laboratory was awarded the first national local joint engineering laboratory.