registered trademark "double eleven" of other electricity providers not to use

[TechWeb] reported on October 30th news, according to media reports, the day before Ali made "a registered trademark of double eleven", and authorized Tmall exclusive use of the trademark, the company shall not use any other institutions.

according to the exposure of the notification letters show: Ali group has Chinese achieved "double eleven" registered trademark (Registration Number: 1013647010136420), authorized by the Alibaba group, Tmall will "double eleven" trademark exclusive right, protected by law, any other person’s use of behavior is trademark infringement.

after TechWeb verification, in the China Trademark network (State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office website) on the information display, Alibaba group is indeed registered trademark of double eleven.


Ali "double eleven" registered trademark of

in addition, the notice also said that a small number of electricity supplier companies malicious slander Taobao, Tmall brand, constitutes a trademark infringement and unfair competition. (Aruhan)

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