business e-commerce site just like riding a boat must continue to move forward, otherwise it will fail until the retreat. E-commerce site for you, your products if there is no way to immediately attract the attention of consumers, and call these target consumers to take action for consumption, we can say that you sell the product page is not good. The product is very good, the service is very thoughtful, but is nobody pays attention, this is how the egg hurts matter. For today the author in this paper to enhance product pages share a few sell good steps.

1: have a concise title that can immediately attract attention

this is the site of all electricity suppliers need to pay special attention to the product page. A clear, strong, and has the appeal of the title in the first time our goal will capture the hearts of consumers, let the target consumers continue to view it to. So how do we evaluate our page title is effective? I think we can start from the four "U", are useful (Useful), (Unique), concise (Ultra-speclfic), a call to the (Urgent).

two: product description to avoid the use of vague adjectives

there are many ways to describe the information of our products, but one of the problems we need to pay attention to is that these adjectives are not too wide or too vague. The use of such words will make your product look stereotyped, no new ideas. We can use some precise and unique adjectives to describe the product. So what are the benefits of this? I think the main advantage is that you can make your target consumers are more impressed by the products you offer, find your products are different, and then want to learn more about. We can look at a case, as shown in figure


In the

above, we can see two English advertisements. The real experience, the real person. (too broad and vague words can’t make this description), the second sentence is: to experience the real life with the enthusiastic person. See the second ad we know this is a tourist electricity supplier site description statement. We can see that the second sentence is more clear and more innovative than the first sentence.

three: product information font

to our product information to choose a correct and seductive font can greatly enhance the appearance of the page. Some people may say that they are not to be very responsible for the font, no, even some of the orders of the font, layout blocks and lines reasonable, our products page can also be sell.


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