recently, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong led dozens of executives, including CXO, vice president, went to Hebei County, Guan rural electricity supplier market research, and held a live seminar in Guan County village.

in 2015, the Jingdong quickly to the countryside, the rapid expansion of rural business. As of early April, Jingdong owned County Service Center has exceeded 100, the service covers more than 100 cities and counties more than 10 thousand villages; at the same time, the integration of a large number of social resources to help Jingdong service shop has more than 400, the scope of services of radiation has more than 100 thousand administrative villages. Based on a quarter of the preliminary layout and in-depth research on the rural market, Liu Qiangdong put forward the future development of the rural electricity supplier Jingdong "3F strategy" in the conference site, will continue to strengthen the development of the rural electricity supplier, to create new value for rural and city users.

it is understood that the rural electricity supplier Jingdong 3F strategy, including industrial products into the rural Table (Factory to Country), rural financial strategy (Finance to Country) and fresh electricity supplier strategy (Farm to). In the "Internet plus" and the tide of urbanization, Jingdong will gradually build a new sales network in rural areas from the city, providing rural inclusive financial services and the establishment of the city from the countryside to the agricultural products direct supply channels, through the city and countryside to shorten the distance, eliminate price discrimination, promote fair and transparent consumption. At the same time, the future benefit of producers and consumers in the city and countryside, but also gradually solve the farmer bought things difficult, borrowing loans, farmers difficult to make money "in rural areas, difficult problems.

industrial products into the rural strategy based on (Factory to Country), the Jingdong will enhance the rural logistics system, and strive to let farmers in the most convenient and cheap, the most worry free way to buy chemical fertilizers and pesticides such as agricultural commodities and household appliances, mobile phone, merchandise and other industrial commodities; rural financial strategy (Finance to Country) is through the Jingdong IOUs, microfinance and other innovative financial products, to help farmers solve the difficult to borrow money, the loan is difficult, high cost problems; Liu Qiangdong also raised the prospects of fresh electricity supplier strategy (Farm to Table), the future Jingdong through big data technology, the farmers’ Cultivation of agricultural products and agricultural products consumer city the demand for efficient docking, the farm to the city directly from the fields of the table, can solve the problems of farmers selling vegetables difficult, difficult to make money problems, and make the city. People who eat fresh produce.

Liu Qiangdong pointed out that the farmers face many difficulties in the commodity price inferior quality shopping, Jingdong should strive to become China "national enterprises", for rural consumers in low-income groups, to provide more affordable prices, better quality products and more convenient service for them, continue to promote consumer fair, let rural consumers can enjoy to the city and similar high-quality shopping experience of consumers.


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