online shopping security alarm sounded again, the industry said the problem of frequent loss can not allow consumers to pay for


Beware of stolen CFP

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Internet security issues only a wave, a wave of.

March 20th, known as "the world’s largest integrated Chinese online shopping mall" released an official statement said, very few accounts stolen, so from March 19th to 21 will freeze all emergency account balances and gift cards.

Dangdang also said that after the audit confirmed that the user will be given in full compensation.

Dangdang account stolen brush, a number of industry insiders said yesterday, Dangdang account stolen brush means that the security problem of the domestic electricity supplier website has to be solved.

Dangdang admitted user account theft

recently said the user account balance is abnormal, the balance of many stolen brush, March 20th 11 pm, through the official website announcement, micro-blog, said in a statement recently, extremely individual account stolen, resulting in a small number of consumers account theft criminals. In order to avoid the loss of users, from March 19th to 21, will be an emergency freeze all Dangdang account balance and gift cards.

an hour later, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing released micro-blog said the thief recently tried several electricity supplier, with the balance of theft shopping. According to the regulations, the public security requirements of the victims to report the crime".

Dangdang this statement triggered strong concern of users, many users have online drying account stolen brush details. "My gift card money was stolen in the frozen account, the amount of more than 1 thousand pieces." "Fairylun" said.

future phone verification

on the above events, yesterday afternoon, Dangdang senior public relations director Guo He said in an interview with the morning news reporter, Dangdang has been reported to the police in Beijing.

talked about how many users account balance stolen brush, Guo He stressed that so far, there are dozens of accounts, all over the country have".

data show that Dangdang gift card is Dangdang in 2005 before and after the introduction of an electronic consumer card. At present, Dangdang gift card annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan. Dangdang registered users 40 million, while the last year there has been an active user shopping behavior of 12 million." Guo He added.

Guo He stressed that the temporary freeze of all Dangdang accounts and gift cards, in order to avoid the loss of user accounts. Dangdang issued a statement in addition to the announcement, but also for all accounts have the balance of the user to send text messages to remind. From today, the site sends out millions of reminders every day."


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