iResearch iResearch consulting group from the Internet domain name and address management agency (ICANN) was informed that North Korea has successfully applied in September 24, 2007 to its national top-level domain name.Kp".

      the.KP domain belongs to the international geographical gTLDs, its management rights belong to North Korea, which belongs to the national sovereignty within the framework of the Internet resources, with CN (China),.Uk  (UK); and JP (Japan) as part of the national top-level domain.

      North Korea currently has a highly regulated internal internet, and by the Korea computer center is responsible for monitoring, the content of the service is limited to the science and technology, service is the main target of some domestic research institutions, universities, factories and a small number of individuals, which greatly hindered the process of informatization development North Korea, is a luxury for most people who use the internet.

      iResearch analysis: North Korea take the initiative to apply for the national top-level domain reflects the direction of North Korea is facing the global information technology society forward, this is most likely to speed up its domestic Internet software and hardware facilities, the precursor to the general public open internet. The successful application of ".Kp" domain name will not only have a significant impact on the development of the Internet, but also play a positive role in promoting the development of the national economy. At the same time, the global domain name market also has a positive meaning, on the one hand enriched the international geographic generic top-level domain name (ccTLD), on the other hand also means that a new round of domain name investment is coming.

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