2009 China’s top ten network marketing planning agencies

review in 2008, one of the few domestic network marketing planning agency has gradually been recognized by the enterprise, and social media attention. In 2009, the network marketing service market has been further standardized, from a single service system to network integrated marketing planning, the emergence of more excellent network marketing planning agencies. Outlook 2010, network marketing to improve the role of enterprise sales model is growing, the network marketing service market will be rapid development.

for the good performance in the search engines, professional network marketing and has certain influence in the field of planning institutions for the 2009 year-end inventory in 2010 hope network marketing service market more standardized, and jointly promote the network marketing services market healthy and prosperous development.

1, Chen Mo network marketing agency (http://s.www.cmgw.cn/)

as the largest company of network public relations, with "new promotion concept, rich practical experience to provide high quality service for customers. Both the website and traditional business, starting from the direct effect of network planning and network media, influence the audience’s perception, views and attitudes, ultimately achieve promotion enterprise brand image promotion and sales or flow increase, step by step to help customers gain competitive advantage and business success.

: Chen Mo has presided over the speculation of a "12 towers", Yan, lotus, small day (ayawawa), February girl and other network reds, behind volume Rong, she saves mother, Feng R fat T event planning.

for plotting a number of network events, Taiwan Zhongtian TV, Taiwan’s ETTV, Washington Post in the United States, the South China Morning Post in Hongkong and other overseas media reports, the Shanghai morning news, Legal Evening News, Beijing News, Beijing Beijing, Shanghai, Shanghai, the first Wednesday weekly, the Bund pictorial Tianfuzaobao hundreds of newspapers are a full page presentation about Chen ink.

as many web events Internet marketer and network planning, has been Xu Gehui Phoenix, DreamWorks CCTV social record shows, fashion magazines, Beijing Youth Daily, thousands of domestic newspaper interview.

2, Bo research (http://s.www.boyan.cn/)

Shenzhen network marketing company Bo Institute of science and technology: network marketing consultancy services advocate, excellent network service providers, network marketing planning, marketing website construction, website promotion, search engine optimization, network marketing, integration of network marketing, blog marketing, network public relations, network marketing training expert service, customer is responsible for the network marketing effect.

Liu Yanqing: Shenzhen Bo Yan Technology Co., general manager of domestic famous network marketing experts, Chinese Association of e-commerce network marketing search engine Specialized Committee deputy director of the research center, "network"