this article discusses the core content, structure and profit model of SNS website.

        a, community (SNS), personal space (blog) is the core of what?  

          1, SNS service web site to sell space and developers to sell the house  

          SNS is the core of the user’s personal space (blog), which is similar to the real estate developers to provide to the tenants of the house, the house of quality and comfort is the core condition to keep the household, whether you rely on what marketing means users will live in your community the only selling point, such as FACEBOOK early only students to sign up, or is the theme of the forum, such as Jacky Cheung FANS and the forum, and real estate developers to attract the owners, the community has always preached that near the famous university, tennis etc..

          any subject and condition, are just attractive signs, retaining the community is the real network community. A SNS service is to provide users with the best personal space, and do everything possible to (with the theme, with the focus of activities, etc.) to attract users, let him live, let his friends also pull to live.

            2, and online community user retention time

            SNS’s life should be similar to our real life, is a personal online home, is the choice of living comfort based on the. This is different from the theme of the forum today, I love Jacky Cheung registered in his forum, tomorrow I love Andy Lau into his forum registration, but whether I love the singer, who went to the concert, after I had to be home.

            a community that is able to retain users (that is, the longest time the user stays online), is a good community.

            two, community (SNS), personal space (blog) structure?  


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