this is an article on the website usability of the article, a senior Beijing website construction company website construction enterprises through Internet to years of service experience about 43 sites often make errors in the design, usability and no doubt these errors will greatly influence the website. Today, the site has become a trend of ease of use, but looking at the major domestic websites, it seems that the usability has not become a widely understood concept designers, so I hope this article can have a role for everyone.

1 users must know what the site is doing in seconds. Attention is the most valuable currency on the internet. If a visitor is not able to find out the direction of your site in a matter of seconds, he is likely to turn to other sites. You have to quickly tell the interviewer why you spend your time on your website.


2 site easy to speed. The Internet is not a book, so there is no need to use large text. Maybe when I visited your website, I was busy with other work. Project sign, title, subtitle, list, they can help readers quickly find the content he wants.

3 don’t use fancy fonts that are difficult to read. Of course, some fonts can make the site brilliant. But are they easy to read? If your main purpose is to convey information and to read it, you should make it easier to read.

4 do not use small fonts. As mentioned above, you have to make the reader feel comfortable reading. Although my Firefox has a zoom function, but if you have to zoom in to see a website, then I will not go to visit it.

5 do not open a new browser window. My first website used to do this. The reason is very simple, open the external links in the new window, the user does not have to leave my site. Wrong! Let the user decide how to open the link, or the browser will not need a large back button. Don’t worry about leaving your site, they will come back if necessary.

6 do not change the size of the user’s browser window. Users have the right to control their browser. If you change the size of the window, you will lose your credit in front of them.

7 do not allow users to register when not necessary. Frankly speaking, I use the Internet to obtain information, not for anything else. Don’t force me to sign up and leave my email and other information unless it is particularly necessary (for example, the information you can provide is very valuable).

8 do not subscribe to the electronic magazine without the permission of the visitors. Do not automatically subscribe to the electronic magazine when they register. Unsolicited e-mail is not a good way to make friends.

9 do not use too much Flash. Flash will not only increase the site’s reading time, excessive use and even make visitors feel unhappy. Only when static pages can’t express your meaning

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