capital winter came, the financing has become a consensus, but Huang Taiji has been silent for a long time suddenly announced the completion of the B round of financing, 180 million. The founder of Huang Taiji Hao Chang on the first Financial Daily reporters, said today’s Huang Taiji has been far from the pancake yesterday, and it has its own life. He Chang also said that he would also like to take the entire life of the takeaway industry, the challenge can not be profitable takeaway O2O.

October 9th, founder of Huang Taiji, he officially announced that Huang Taiji completed a total amount of 180 million yuan B round of financing, valuation of $250 million (nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan). The current round of investment by the family foundation and the A round investors while wanglian lead investor, A round investors with investment, capital investment as the exclusive financial advisor in this financing.

Huang Taiji, the name can be said in. In 2012, the CBD in Beijing Benz fruit pancake send takeout, that say "I’m going to create the big fan pancake" he Chang, probably let all the people whispered in my heart: "see you how to make money, you can see what time to burn."

this hot in last year is not much about sound, but last year there was an article turn quite much, said Huang Taiji pancake shop was a deserted house, the taste is not Tucao roadside stalls, now Baidu search for "Huang Taiji" on the first page and the text, it also indicates that a problem is not really, he Chang for someone to do a SEO (Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization).

"in the industry may look slightly silent, actually have in Huang Taiji group of users, we are not silent, very lively. Recently, the two comedy pancake man and Hong Kong embarrassed have seen it, we have a great in strength and impetus of cooperation." He certainly does not agree with the above statement.

He Chang said, people’s impression of Huang Taiji may still remain in the previous cognition, but in fact, from the first day, Huang Taiji was determined to take root in the catering industry, the integration of the supply chain, while continuing to extend upstream expansion.

from pancake monopoly to takeaway capacity open sharing platform

finishing the history of Huang Taiji, he is so summarized.

in the first 18 months at the beginning of entrepreneurship, Huang Taiji used the Internet marketing drainage, the transformation of traditional catering to the cost of using the Internet method, so as to ensure the traffic situation, to the shop to open cheap business district, "Chinese McDonald’s plan to do".

, however, a few months later, this model appeared bug, because no one will eat pancakes every day, but also the distribution of objects or CBD white-collar. So they began to try the other category and brand: the main "cattle stew stew," Mr. Sichuan flavor "hornet" small Hot pot "always" dumplings ", happy to take food," called a duck"…… Probably in June 2014, he Chang from simple to run a shop

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