1, visit the need to register  

2, page loading time  

3, page   is too long;

4, using the new technology and the need to download the plug-in   browser;

6, automatic playback of multimedia audio and video files to  

7, excessive use of animation  

8, excessive emphasis on page technology, ignore the main content browsing effect  

9, does not provide full output, only the  

10, not mentioned in the article provide the source of information and links to  

11, does not provide professional vocabulary and language word interpretation  

12, does not provide long-term not update and recovery time of  

14, does not provide search  

15, does not provide a good navigation  

17, does not allow anonymous comments  

19, does not provide the query and submit the information feedback  

20, does not provide a link back to the home page and page   before and after death, alone;

21, does not provide any webmaster contact and personal information  

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