network brand has two meanings:

one is through the Internet means to build up the brand,

two is the real product through the Internet into the international market.

but now in many domestic enterprises have the structure of the site, the operation mode, promotion, and other drawbacks, and network promotion is the most important. Many enterprises in China now lamented the cyber source shortage, the electronic commerce website, the decline is a waste of time, there is no real thought: why our website did not achieve the desired purpose? Why my website still in limbo? Is it really is not in the network marketing China


of course, the answer is negative. The reasons for these problems is that many enterprises have not really aware of the importance of network promotion, many enterprises and even to the network promotion held a negative attitude, it is no use, think the site do it naturally achieve the purpose of promotion. This idea is wrong. No one will ever know because the site has just been established, so no one will visit. Like when you need someone who doesn’t know the name of the person, what do you do?. The search engine is the best intermediary". And the intermediary is also a variety of ways, you can according to their own situation to develop your promotion plan.

can be divided into: international promotion and domestic promotion

in the form of promotion can be divided into: natural ranking and the price of

global promotion: in the global promotion of your business, sell your products, you create the image of the enterprise, as long as you choose the right way, the most suitable for your enterprise promotion plan, make your business really enter the international market, brand effect is the most powerful one of the means.

natural ranking: natural ranking service is based on the results of the search results, the amount of the link, the quality of the site, such as a comprehensive array of indicators, located on the left side of the page. In general, the results are ranked in the search results are the highest degree of concern of the site, and ranked first in the most important. Natural ranking is not affected by the outside world to fully reflect the network of fairness and justice, so that each user search results are the best and most important site. And natural ranking is completely free, as long as you optimize the site, you can not spend a penny on the home page or first.

jjpm: PPC, is a new type of efficient, free and interactive advertising, customers can choose the bidding advertising platform, through the auction to adjust the price per click advertising and determines the ranking, click billing. Jjpm has appeared in the search engine of the search results page is free, and is located in the front row, or a prominent position, do not click on free, flexible operation: adjust the product keywords ranking at any time, increase or decrease in the number of products can be keywords; adjust their website ranking at any time, the advantages of web traffic control.

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