at the end of 2006 at the beginning of 2007, has been considered to be a gateway to the station, but do what I consider for a long time, decided to do a small project, a big fish in a small pond, this is my company’s customized ringing tone classification and information network in Nanyang. Because small start, easy to succeed. When a advantage is to have a domain name in Nanyang area., the domain name to do a local portal, or classified information network, or good. Make up your mind to do it.

determines the direction to a station, at the time of the Internet for a long time, no classified information procedures appropriate, finally found a "COM2008 classification information system V5.0 Business Edition" to Guangzhou alone, and later learned that he is also modified to others. It took one thousand yuan to buy his program. In any case, the program can be used. The station was built.



is now in Baidu and Google in the above URL, no longer find.

my blog in October 30, 2007, "the three stages of life," said:

began in April, and began to think about things because of the operation of the Nanyang classified information network. June to meet a friend BY (that is, "black hat Seo a number of weapons,", began to learn search engine optimization. After several months of study, finally some small.

from the operation of Nanyang classification information network, taking into account the site traffic, ranking, optimization. So come into contact with SEO, is also a miracle.

to the year in May 20th, was written a summary of operational ideas and now look at most of the very useful.


this is about the content of the site, the first consideration is to enrich the content, so that all users can find the latest classification information in Nanyang. From the current point of view, it is really for the sake of users in Nanyang. So less than two months, the information has been enriched to the more than 10 thousand, has been upgraded to become the most classified information Nanyang station. Now think about doing stand early, or a lot of light ah, huh, huh, huh, huh.


to promote the work done as follows: (transcription)

classification information network in Nanyang this month to do promotion:

(1) first in Baidu, YAHOO, Google search engine site in Nanyang, the top 30 search rankings, do links or advertising swaps, (basically completed)

(2) the use of Han Chinese network promotion

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