I often concern about online promotion of the article, also help a lot of Taobao sellers or do independent shop friends did the promotion, there are many friends from QQ and contact me, I want to write some methods for the promotion of the shop. How to promote online free, have what good method, my method according to the network of many free online promotion, visit the shop promotion do good shop with my friend, long-term experience of online promotion, and how we exchange free shop promotion.

one, shop early publicity

site of the early promotion of the main focus on the design of the shop itself, playing the basic skills, only the foundation of the prison, is conducive to the promotion of the back. Early publicity can be considered from three aspects.

1 shop location. In the shop before construction must have a good location, have their own unique products, find a good supply of goods, and others, have a competitive advantage, and to choose a distinctive name, buyers can better remember your shop.

2 shop decoration. People rely on clothes horse saddle, a good page display, to bring consumers a good user experience, will allow consumers to stay in your shop longer. Decoration of the store, to consider the decorative style and their product characteristics coincide.

3 shop online customer service and FAQ. If customers are going to buy something, usually contact online customer service, asked some relevant information about the goods, therefore, must be in the shop QQ, mobile phone, etc. want. At the same time on the page must have FAQ, many users of the problem are similar, the establishment of FAQ page, can greatly reduce the pressure of customer service, but also convenient for the customer to check information.

two: interim publicity:

1 shop keywords optimization. A lot of time, the time to buy things for consumers, will search the relevant information on Baidu and other search engines, so the site keywords optimization is necessary to do. In the setting of the shop in the process, can on the whole page, category, specific goods are optimized, we try to design more commonly used or is the lowest price and preferential these words, the description of the goods should be as detailed as possible.

Promotion of

2 communication in time. QQ, MSN, etc. want timely communication on signature can quickly publish information related to your shop, as much as possible with the QQ group, can release the related preferential information in the QQ group inside, but remember, don’t send advertising to this, will be T.

3 blog forum. Each industry will have its own professional forum, you can go to these forums and more exchanges and exchanges, their own forum signature set up their own shop related information. Or open their own blog, write and sell their own products related industry articles.

4, promotion. There are a lot of Chinese Festival. The festival was widely used a lot, make good use of each.

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