my station is built in April this year, when up to 1000 IP in May to more than 3000IP, so I started to do mother advertising, to earn some money to earn enough money to the domain name space, it is not possible for amateur, he makes money.

when I was up nearly 3000IP placed advertising, advertising can be placed near IP and then down to 1000, traffic is mostly Baidu, after a period of time Baidu to flow the note I got no, (updated every day, not only is this collection. I do QQ space message mainly, a lot of messages from those that are copied to the QQ space, but it is not the original false original.) may be the reason I was the Baidu K, but when GG came up. Now the monthly flow remained around 1000, sometimes more than.

mother ad also has income. Every day there are 1 yuan to two dollars of revenue in January was down nearly 50 yuan of income, a year down the space domain of money is almost the same. But recently should be from the beginning of November 5th, my mother advertising all become Taobao ads, then a few days no income, I I called my mother to come back before the change of customers click on ads, she said that the system automatically push, as long as customers buy things you have income. When I do it, may be a customer did not buy it. But a month later, or income are not, I do not believe a month did not buy. That is to say you should give me free click it, I didn’t want to do. I was doing the guest to click on ads, I do not do the Tao. Besides Ali mother customers buy not buy I do not know, there is no data for my check, I also bought is don’t know .

grew more and more gas into my website for free advertising for Taobao, this month I had to put most of the ads for GG, but also leave some to be mother, one year I see there was no income, I do not believe this evil, a year did not have to buy. today asked the customer post, we can go to the next.


finally what words do not want to say, we look at.



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