2007, Baidu is involved in the business, Baidu has ah, cool days, the Philharmonic live, Yao point 100…… However, these short lives have died. Baidu has boasted three years to beat Taobao, but now we see that Baidu is defeated, keep on fighting commercial road, why Baidu electricity supplier is not always successful, and in what way the



Zhang Xiaolong why can not succeed, because WeChat started than unfamiliar street these good (even began to find nearby users based on the function of no), because he knew how to use the Tencent abnormal number of users. Baidu is now the most urgent task is to find ways to use the search entrance and 123 combined with a new generation of products, rather than doing each of the Web side of a good copy of the product on the mobile terminal. How to do it, engineers want to do things; how to make use of existing technology and resources to create a value for users of the product, is the product people think.

and Baidu are not thorough understanding of the electricity supplier: too much emphasis on search technology, which is a more electricity supplier in the field of traditional comprehensive field, warehouse, transportation and other aspects, on the one hand is the need for patience, while Baidu was too quick, on the other hand, the need for a comprehensive management, and Baidu will have to search as the main advantage. Attitude is too rich handsome. Not down to earth. Ma as well as to understand China’s SMEs and consumers in china.

and Baidu is a search engine, the electricity supplier is only a branch of its strategy. Search engine internal business complex, electricity providers can not get enough attention and funding. Baidu is still missing a good account system, do the electricity supplier’s product managers are aware of the user registration is a high rate of loss of a step. And the brand image is also a big problem, Baidu this brand people think you are doing a search, it does electricity supplier, give people the feeling of cross-border. At least for me, the first reaction is to do a Baidu search for the electricity supplier, what fun. To do at least another brand to do. For example, the acquisition of Tencent to Xunlai do business, rather than directly linked to a Tencent in the name of the market.

Baidu has foresight, but slow. Baidu is also a lot of time with the name of the seer, such as the layout of the wireless, Baidu 07 years began to enter the electronic commerce time is not late, but until recently no business out really belongs to Baidu’s own electronic


electricity supplier Baidu if you want to really get out of their own electricity supplier in the above line, it should be combined with search engine advantage to his businesses to create an easy and fast lightweight business shopping platform, 100 search engine advantage in e-commerce platform to expand indefinitely, and should not leave the search engine to do e-commerce

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