"am busy online, during the day but also to accompany their parents to go to the supermarket shopping, check-out waiting for 1 hours, now I can hardly keep my eyes open." At noon yesterday, living in the vicinity of the auditorium of the Tang Tian carry bags from the supermarket, shouting to get back home to sleep, "double 12, double 11 more tired than true."

annual double 12 is following the double 11 after another round of shopping frenzy. This year, in addition to the online shop to discount promotions, can enjoy half off preferential use of Alipay purse line, covering supermarkets, convenience stores, dessert and other consumer sites, attracting many families out.

online: 1 hours to sell 1 million pairs of boots

Tang Tian is a hundred-percent "chop hand family, double 11 shopping has just signed, online shopping cart full of double 12 to panic buying of goods.

"through the two shopping festival, I feel like I don’t have to buy anything for the next year." Tang Tian told reporters, double 11 and double 12, she has spent online on the yuan, buy baby wipes with 2 Kraft carton, enough for 4 month old daughter used in 2 years.


data show that in just over first minutes yesterday zero, "Lin Chiling’s appointment right" in the Taobao auction platform from 1000 yuan soared to million yuan. Within first hours, I chop hand family into taobao.com bought 1 million pairs of boots, 600 thousand scarves, 140 thousand cans of milk powder, 300 thousand flowers, cleaning, washing, cleaning teeth and other life service was bought by more than 10 thousand.

line: supermarket pay queue 1 hours

according to statistics, this year, a total of more than 12 pairs of more than 2 lines under the store to participate in activities, covering restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, etc.. Chongqing area of lotus, DQ, Wanning and other activities.

Tang Tian told reporters, 9 in the morning, also did not wake up she was dragged out to parents, jiaochangkou lotus. Use Alipay wallet payment, Bill hit half off, the highest preferential 50 yuan. "I was shocked to enter the supermarket, the new year is not so many people, ah, queuing checkout, and so on for a full 1 hours."

According to

statistics, as of yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon, the 12 double line under the events payment number more than 4 million people, more than 900 thousand in the high streets and back lanes bought bread and 1 million bottles of milk, 150 thousand wool, 350 thousand soybean cake Boiled dumplings, 20 thousand pizza, 210 thousand wonton, 50 thousand cones, 500 thousand bags of dried mango.

@ Wei Wei sister not slightly senior ah: let all Chinese Ma feel women are crazy, is not only online, offline supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, KTV he was captured……

@ violet Lafite: Double 11 did not join the fun, double the half of the activities of the supermarket to go shopping on a circle of 12. Snacks did not buy much, waiting in line to wait for 1 hours.


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