once a year "double eleven" is coming, this was started by the electricity supplier giant Alibaba shopping Carnival has become a landmark event Chinese online shopping and a kind of social phenomenon, also attracted a lift for large-scale promotion of electronic business platform. The annual "double eleven", a variety of new tricks such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like mushrooms, promote the shopping platform do the great in strength and impetus advertising advantage, make the best of the eye. This crazy shopping activities, has evolved into the world’s largest shopping festival".

overseas brand gradually widely favored by domestic consumers, overseas purchasing has become a important source of power, especially common in consumer demand, sea Amoy era of comprehensive, all kinds of cross-border electricity supplier development, sea Amoy population size continues to expand, the market presents a more diversified development trend.

when the "double eleven" meet the sea Amoy business platform, finally himself, have opened this business, "double eleven, overseas purchase had swept the major platform. With the major electricity supplier brands have set foot in the sea Amoy, large-scale procurement is not only more favorable price, quality is guaranteed, but also to better safeguard the interests of consumers. Keen on overseas purchasing of consumers, generally want to buy cheap high-quality goods overseas. Therefore, the major electricity providers have layout overseas direct purchase, loved by consumers. At the same time, for the double eleven this year only one shopping spree, the major platforms have seized this opportunity, as far as possible to attract the attention of consumers.

for "double eleven" sea Amoy a variety of discount, benefit from the US is the sea Amoy family, red, full cut, sweepstakes, free shipping and a series of activities, really let the sea Amoy family to buy high-quality goods by low price. In addition to these real concessions, and the most surprising thing is this "double eleven" and "100 help" innovative gameplay, the Korean goods are brought to the front of Chinese consumers, and so they can enjoy more preferential price.

"100 help" as the new Jin Han Guohai Amoy business platform, new business models Q-commerce directly to meet consumer demand, in the upcoming "double eleven" period, the platform hit "across the ocean 11.11, surprise discount to take non-stop" slogan, and provide customized exclusive surprise for the platform members, each members can apply for three brands or the Korean web to allow you a special discount, special offers the lowest available 5%, to carry out this activity, we can let the sea Amoy family especially love Korean brand consumer is excited.

double eleven spell is innovation, is to attract the attention of consumers, the rise of the sea Amoy family needs more attention. "100 help" the real experiences let us feel the sea Amoy family can choose their desired goods, and customized exclusive offers, you can buy cheap things through love, why not to.

every year, "double eleven" is always full of gimmicks, and really make people feel the benefits and quality services are Table >

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