Chinese Shanda’s

network starting point has always been known for China largest literature network, the corresponding brand Quanpin domain has been planning all have a very big impact on the brand operation. Until recently, Shanda finally completed the acquisition of the domain name, has now completed the transfer and enable.


domain name query, has been successfully transfer to the "Shanghai xuanting entertainment Mdt InfoTech Ltd (Grand subsidiary), now has access to the new site, as the starting point Chinese network.

according to the preservation of the data show that rice reporter, original all man-made CEO Yao Jinbo, estimated transfer time should be in 2007 of the year of November, Specific purchase price is unknown, but in accordance with the previous transaction cases of such a domain name, should be around 100 thousand yuan, but also insiders revealed that Yao Jinbo sold the domain name is definitely more than 100 thousand.

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