news July 17th, a tomato photo Jingdong CEO mall in micro-blog issued the day before Liu Qiangdong caused a heated debate, TechWeb exclusive "tomato event" of the truth, the legendary "Jingdong love story" is true, and this thing is actually a Jingdong for its fresh food marketing channel.

truth 1: Jingdong love story is true!

according to Jingdong insiders, Liu Qiangdong, director of small household electrical appliances with Jingdong mall has been together for a long time, which is an open secret Jingdong.

July 15th 18:30, Liu Qiangdong released a photo of ripe tomatoes, in the Sina micro-blog above said: "the balcony finally cooked tomatoes." After a few minutes, the Jingdong store small appliances director Jia Zhuang, micro-blog @vikizhuang also released a similar picture of ripe tomatoes said: "pleasantly surprised to find a small tomato bear it, only three were reluctant to pick."

Comparison of users

good two photos, it is found that the two shot tomatoes with a balcony on the same line, and guess Liu Zhuang unusual relationship between two people, caused a large number of users forwarding ridicule, known as the "Jingdong love story". The word "tomato" was even fired into the micro-blog search list second.

today, TechWeb asked about the matter to the Jingdong insiders, that Liu Qiangdong and Zhuang Jia "is indeed a couple", and when he was 38 years old, Liu Qiangdong is currently unmarried state, he is already an open secret within the Jingdong and a good friend zhuang.

two: the truth campaign for fresh food sales channel

?Another truth of the

event is that the tomato event is a marketing promotion of the Jingdong Mall for its fresh food channel in the future.

After the

tomato incident came out, Jingdong mall official and Liu Qiangdong did not come forward to deny, contact Liu Qiangdong before and after the hair of micro-blog, they found that the incident was actually intended to be.

this morning, Liu Qiangdong sent a micro-blog, "I often drink tomato beverage, cosmetic, Qingzhi! In addition, the food sector how not listed tomato seeds sales


a few minutes later, the official micro-blog mall Jingdong forwarded Liu Qiangdong’s micro-blog, and said, small tomatoes, only in Shanghai distribution." Attached to the back of a link, pointing to the mall Jingdong small tomato seed sales page.

Liu Qiangdong yesterday, micro-blog said: "this year, the third quarter will set off China electricity supplier in the history of the largest and most comprehensive, the most fierce price war! And Jingdong will continue to lead the price war! From today (July 16th), who are not the lowest price, who leave at the same time, to the user experience! A step!" Liu Qiangdong said, "the specific measures of price war will be launched at the end of this month."

insiders pointed out that

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