The plane expansion of BBK’s

business strategy did not choose the size of the shop, but to use their own resources at down roots in Hunan line. With the advantages of BBK’s line to promote the development of the line, so that the electricity supplier from the online real landing, which is the core of the BBK O2O strategy, is also the key to the transformation of the enterprise in the electricity supplier and to achieve the 200 billion key.

"Aihuage, Valentine’s day that we will meet again to confirm."


commercial chain Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as BBK) general manager of mobile division Zou Aihua again but slightly apologetic smile, just were interviewed during the fourth time he was interrupted by the colleagues to discuss with him on the Qixi Festival mall promotional arrangements.

then took out his mobile phone, find the picture display, on-line BBK electronic mall for more than half of the performance: platform but more than 8 thousand SKU, more than 526 thousand registered users, total sales reached 35 million 786 thousand yuan, while the price of up to 160.1 yuan.

, I tell you, we work with the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the bank card consumption all hit 10 percent off, the first ‘ICBC day’ to sell the price of up to $about 3000000, up to more than 1500 yuan." He then added, joy shows between the lines.

it’s July 2014, the hottest day in Changsha. At this point, from the transformation of BBK electricity supplier has passed nearly a year.


time back to earlier in 2012, BBK founder Wang Tian at this time has felt the pressure from the electricity supplier, and the identity of the National People’s Congress proposal on taxing electricity supplier, is also in this year, electricity providers and traditional retail Rainbow Night momentum is more obvious.

this year, Jingdong net revenues of more than 41 billion 380 million yuan, an increase of nearly 96%, the Alibaba in fiscal year 2013 (April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013) revenue was 34 billion 517 million yuan, an increase of more than 172%, net profit of 8 billion 649 million yuan. In contrast, BBK’s revenue this year just exceeded 10 billion yuan mark, an increase of only less than 19%.

business platform under the fierce fierce offensive, the retail industry is in a hitherto unknown predicament.

according to the national business information center statistics, in 2012 the country’s top retail enterprises in a large retail sales grew by 10.8%, a year on year growth slowed by a large margin of 11.8%, a record low since 2005. Ellis released report shows that since the beginning of February 2012, retail sales growth continued began behind the growth rate of total retail sales of social consumer goods, the main department stores listed enterprises operating margin since 2010 continuous downward trend.

in May 2013, Wang filled in the company’s internal conference

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