I think most of the Taobao customers will understand one thing, is to sell ten clothes, it is better to sell a diet pills. This is the temptation of profiteering products. So we can see that as long as the key words about diet pills, the Taobao station is a long queue, all the people to do a windfall. Who will do so upset?

I made a winter clothing Taobao last year, one year of operation, really very little money, but the optimization time is spent very much, finally gave me the feeling that The loss outweighs the gain. Because now selling clothes Taobao guest site is too much, just search a kind of clothing are occupied by a lot of Taobao customers. I worked hard for a long time optimization, IP maximum daily is around 500, the weight of Baidu to reach 3. Money is not worth the money, many times a day are 0 income. Most of the day did not exceed $200. The keyword competition is also very large, a period of time is not optimized, ranking will drop very fast.

what I’m talking about is a hot commodity. We look at the popular commodity.

popular product advantages:


1, and the demand of the user is very accurate, the conversion rate is very high, this is one of my small Taobao station can see website for 1 months, bring me 300 pieces of income. Of course, because it is unpopular, without any SEO station, to participate in the competition, no enterprise can stand competition, said Baidu included rankings is very good. Every day, the IP is up to 50. But the conversion rate is very high.

2, popular commodity profits, in fact popular goods may not earn less, since it is doing so popular, website promotion of goods do not, promotion to specially selected several commission is particularly high, such a turnover, also have great commission. So the choice of goods is very important. A few of my small Taobao customers have a good income, for example: Han beam cosmetics, MASUJI health exercise machines are popular lazy


3, Baidu search less, more accurate, Baidu search less, indicating the competitiveness is also smaller, even many of them are only some of the inside pages of the portal, and a lot of demand for this commodity users, very want to buy, but Baidu search, but can not find the goods. If such goods are sold on Taobao, then it is an opportunity, the smallest competition, the biggest conversion rate!

4, the long tail word do the unpopular high conversion rate, in fact, this is well understood, some commodities, is unpopular, but also very competitive, so do the long tail is the best choice, and the conversion rate is very high. Give me an example of my own: folk guitar, this product can be said to be relatively cold, very few online sales, but Taobao is very much. But at the same time the key words in Baidu’s competitiveness is very high? Why? Use Baidu Search we can see that most of the sites are guitar learning website, or guitar music, or folk guitar forum etc.. So >

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