2012 will be the year of e-commerce, more and more people will choose to shop on the Internet, many people are very optimistic about the electronic commerce, to get involved in the field of electronic commerce ready to, her friends often tell me to sell things on the internet. For individual webmaster, it has been very difficult to have a share in the tide of electronic commerce in the field of electronic commerce, many industry heavyweights are still burn, no funds to support individual owners simply can not afford to consume, but not impossible, personal webmaster first to abandon the idea of a platform (in the field of industry the boss), a main one or several products, relying on SEO and network marketing products, the opportunity is still quite large. Wu Longjie thinks that the individual webmaster in the products we must first solve the 4 major problems, these 4 problems repeatedly figured out again, grasp the odds will be greater.

1 source

products before the first to consider is to sell what? Where to purchase? This problem seems simple, but really want to do but do not know what to sell? Would like to do but do not know what to do good website, can read the small webmaster do a promising website (a the small owners do), a promising site (two). Have to do e-commerce idea to start thinking about what to sell something from the heart? Where to purchase? The actual operation will face more problems, for example, I want to sell the clothes on the net, where to purchase? What specific selling clothes? Women or men? A little more money so.

2 logistics


sell? Where to purchase? These problems are resolved after the second face is how to put the customer orders after the goods are sent to the hands of users, of course, very much now logistics, courier, SF, Shen Tong, tact, Zhaijisong and so on, but which express faster and cheaper way of transporting goods, is not easy to make. For? Haven’t done before the product individual owners must be confused, and now in order to reassure customers from online shopping, generally support cash on delivery, even some products must also be cash on delivery, otherwise the customer will not buy, the cash on delivery agreement is signed with the company how to express these? It is necessary to solve the problem must be in the product line before, rather than after the customer orders before considering a series of problems with what express etc..

3 promotion

is a personal webmaster do product promotion should be the biggest problem facing, although individual stationmaster basically understand SEO, but many of the products are highly competitive as L-carnitine, l 360 slimming coffee and so on, the core keywords are about 8 Baidu promotion, natural ranking after fifth are difficult to be clicked,

not to mention these keywords do Baidu ranking page for a new station for one month or 2 things, by buying links, registered the old domain means at least a month or more. So simply by SEO promotion >

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