help freaky freaky! Recently, the first domestic social electricity supplier maternal shellfish network the next city, officially launched the micro mall, becoming the first company to launch maternal socialization electricity supplier on behalf of micro mall.

according to the reporter, shellfish network micro mall officially launched in early August, at present, WeChat users can be prepared by the network service number by focusing on shellfish, or shellfish network WeChat subscription number, you can enter the shopping in the two page account below the menu bar click on the "micro mall".

in the micro business city, shellfish network set star commodity recommendation, recommendation, freaky freaky tribe three channels, and the shopping cart, my orders, my collection, the latest service activities of the four column, in addition, in the micro mall home left at the top of shellfish network also set up the drop-down menu bar category of goods, including clothing, baby feeding, baby baby care, freaky clothing, mother care 11 sub categories, covering the baby and mother of two populations most of the daily needs of goods.

according to the shellfish network market, with the traditional maternal micro mall mode, shellfish network micro mall is based on Hot Mom group strong relationship circle based community economic operation logic application freaky freaky help design.

in the procurement of goods, prepare shellfish micro mall flagship new and boutique two market segments, emphasize the less sophisticated, and commodity price, not perfection. Relying on shellfish network strategic investment CNR media group joint Pang Daquan media resources, Netcom to prepare shellfish shellfish prepared by hot mom home community, professional information website, community and maternal maternal electronic business platform and other major channels, grab the collection hot mom share and recommend favorite brand and product key word information, build consumption data the model, finally completed the auxiliary shell commodity procurement. Based on large data applications, the current micro mall goods sold on the market are selling hot TOP, and are hot mom favorite brands and commodities.

as a result of the preparation of the micro mall flagship new and selling hot money, the market positioning is more detailed, so can not complete the bulk procurement. Shellfish network market participants pointed out that the future of shellfish micro mall plans to implement a membership system, according to the real needs of millions of hot mom to create exclusive customized merchandise, and the direct connection of first-line brand mother processing factory, and professional designers, to build a new maternal ecosystem, provide new starting, for the fine, freaky exchanges a full set of professional services millions freaky.

industry insiders said, the commercial application of mobile Internet technology to accelerate the popularization has had a tremendous impact on the domestic retail market, and actively embrace the mobile Internet, has become an important topic of traditional retail and retail enterprises on the internet. In this regard, shellfish network launched a strong micro mall, will provide a new platform for the traditional mother brand to enter the mobile Internet, brand exposure through the platform can not only complete the brand image display, and can also help WeChat users to complete large scale amplification of sales. For consumers, shellfish micro mall is a fast and good maternal micro mall, in the mall, buy new and exclusive for >

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